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Image shows multiple different hinges of different sizes on a surface.

Ironmongery and hardware

Ironmongery and hardware: Welcome


We stock a wide range of ironmongery products including cabinet fittings, padlocks, door bolts and closers, hasps, ventilators, hinges, castors, hooks, handles, knobs, roller catches, locks, brackets, latches, Euro profile cylinders, brackets, corner brace and repair plates.

Image shows a padlock on a chain.
Image shows a yellow ladder.

LocalDIY Network

We are also pleased to be part of the LocalDIY Network. The network provides a facility for traders, with limited sales space, to offer a range of larger bulkier items that we would normally not have room to stock.

The ordering process is easy, simply visit LocalDIY and then enter FASTPACK as your preferred retailer. The Fastpack home page should then appear and from there you can access the LocalDIY online store.

Customers should please note that any orders placed on LocalDIY are handled by their staff, not by our own at Lilac Avenue, York.

Chain, rope and wire rope

We stock a range of chain, rope and wire rope plus various fittings to suit including:

  • Wire Rope Grips

  • D Shackles

  • Carbine Hooks

  • Swivels

  • Barrel Strainers

  • Quick Links

  • Thimbles

  • Ferrules

  • Spring Hooks

Please contact us for more information.

Image shows a hand holding a chain.
Ironmongery and hardware: Services

"This is a great little shop if you need nuts and bolts or screws and many other diy products .very helpful staff."

Ironmongery and hardware: Testimonials

Shop our range of ironmongery and hardware products.

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