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Image shows a pile of screws on top of each other.

Engineering products

Engineering Products: Welcome

A one-stop-shop for all engineering supplies

We stock a wide range of products ideal for engineers including nuts and bolts in metric, Whitworth, UNC, BSF, UNF and BA threads and most are available in high tensile, bright zinc plated, brass or stainless steel. The range is further complemented by our stock of screws, threaded bars, self tappers, washers, drills, pins, circlips, engineering tools, taps and dies and more.

Image shows a close up of screws and a washer.
Image shows a drill on a wooden floor.

Our Range Of Drills

We stock a wide range of drills including all leading brands:

  • Bosch

  • Reisser

  • Dormer

  • Cobalt HSS 

  • Jobber HSS 

  • Blacksmiths

  • Long Series

  • Dormer

  • Flat Wood Bits

  • Auger Bits 

  • Imperial

  • SDS

  • Silver Percussion Bit

Our range of engineering supplies includes:

  • Fasteners

  • Screws, nuts and bolts

  • Pop rivets and masonry fixings

  • Anti-perching spikes and castors

  • Hose clips

  • Hand tools such as hammers, spanners and taps

For advice on what tools are best for you, please contact us.

Image shows a hammer on a wooden floor.
Engineering Products: Services

Shop our range of engineering supplies online or contact us for enquiries.

Engineering Products: Text

"This is a great little shop if you need nuts and bolts or screws and many other diy products .very helpful staff."

Engineering Products: Testimonials
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