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Fixings and fasteners

Fixing and fasteners: Welcome

Fixings and fasteners

We stock an extensive range of fixings and fasteners including screws, nails, pop rivets, bolts, corrugated fasteners, studding, wall plugs, washers, sleeve anchors, nuts, screw hooks and eyes and rivets.


We also stock a full range of bright zinc plated, stainless steel and brass fasteners for your projects.

If you are unsure of your needs, please contact us and we can offer advice on what products are best for you.

Image shows multiple screws on a silver surface.
Image shows a pile of washers of different sizes on top of each other.


Our extensive range of washers includes:

  • Form 'A' Washers

  • Form 'B' Washers

  • Form 'C' Washers

  • Repair Washers

  • Spring Washers

  • Shakeproof Washers

  • Square Plate Washers

If you require washers not listed here, please contact us to see if we can help.

Choose from:

  • Metric Threads

  • Imperial Threads - UNC, BA, Whitworth, BSF, UNF. 

  • Left Handed Thread

  • Metric Fine

  • High Tensile

Image shows a close up of a screw head next to another screw.
Fixing and fasteners: Services

"I’ve lived in York for 35 years and never knew this was a shop. What an amazing find a real Aladdin's cave. No more large DIY chains for me. I can highly recommend this shop to any trade or DIYer."


Fixing and fasteners: Testimonials

Shop our range of fixings and fastenings.

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